Do You Need a Wedding Stylist?

If you’re a lover of beautiful things like us and if you’ve been dreaming of a wedding that makes a statement and extracts oohs and aahs from your guests, then you should consider engaging the services of a wedding stylist. But how do you decide if you really need a wedding stylist or if you can get by with the venue staff setting your tables or even asking a friend to do it?

To help you answer the question ‘Do you need a wedding stylist?’, let’s start by answering a related question. ‘What does a wedding stylist do?’.

What does a wedding stylist do?

Within the wedding industry you may hear professionals use words like ‘design’, ‘styling’ and ‘planning’ interchangeably. And that’s because a wedding planner can also help you with wedding design and styling.

At Evenio, my Wedding Design & Styling service includes both developing the wedding day concept (design) and then executing that design by building a design team and being there on the day to do the set up and styling of your décor elements. This ensures that everything comes together as per your wedding vision and the design concept.

Alternatively, if you’re hiring me as your Day of Wedding Coordinator you act as the designer and I can act as your wedding stylist by executing the set up on the day and making sure everything you’ve organised is in its place and looking beautiful. 

Most stylists also have a handy black book of suppliers. This means they can assist you with sourcing your décor items and then liaising with those suppliers on the day to ensure everything they are setting up is aligned with the overall vision you have for your wedding.

If you swoon over tabletop designs and lovely lounge areas at the weddings you attend or see on Pinterest you should definitely consider hiring a wedding stylist to bring all the elements together seamlessly on the day.

How does a wedding stylist differ from a wedding planner?

Where a wedding planner’s role is focused on logistics, a wedding stylist is concerned with aesthetics. 

Your wedding planner will help you to plan your wedding and will be there on the day to execute those plans. They source and recommend suppliers and troubleshoot issues as they arise. A wedding planner will create and manage the wedding timeline, coordinate your suppliers on the day and generally complete all of the checks and balances to ensure your day runs smoothly and that you can relax and enjoy yourselves alongside your guests. 

And yes, wedding planners can be stylists too – at Evenio we offer both services and are experienced at combining the role of wedding planner and stylist at weddings in Melbourne and beyond.

Advantages of hiring a wedding stylist

The difference between a ‘nice’ wedding and an stunningly aesthetically pleasing and creative wedding are the small details that wedding stylists pay attention to. 

The slightest detail can throw a design off, whether that be the colour palette or the style of chair used for the reception. Making these decisions can be overwhelming for a couple who don’t have the time or eye for design. And even if you do have a good sense of style and a strong vision for your day, it’s helpful to have someone else to bring your ideas to life in an elevated design that truly reflects the way you imagine your day looking and feeling. Especially if you’re not feeling 100% confident in those ideas.

In my role as your wedding stylist I take the time to get to know the two of you and will guide you through a process of discovering exactly what your wedding day vision is. I then create a concept, which you sign off on before I get to work. I will pull all of your design and décor ideas together so I can execute them perfectly for you on your wedding day.

And even if you don’t hire a stylist to help you with the design or sourcing of your décor items, you can hire one to do the set up and styling on your wedding day. Very few couples have the time (or desire) to do this on their wedding day and asking friends to help is not always the best way to ensure you get the look and feel you were dreaming of.

When you’ve put so much time and effort into creating your wedding design it’s nice to have a professional on hand to execute it for you in exactly the way you envisioned.

How to be certain you need a wedding stylist

Talk to one!

The very best way to determine what wedding professional you need, whether that is a wedding planner or wedding stylist, is to talk to one. If you’re still not sure if you need the services of a wedding stylist, contact us so we can chat about your plans and what services will help you to bring to life the beautiful wedding you’re imagining.


Photography: Arianna Leggiero 

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