melbourne wedding event planner & stylist

bringing a touch of glamour
to your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

A hopeless romantic with over 20 years in TV and fashion, I was always the go-to party planner who had her lists in hand and a head full of ideas for pulling off the perfect celebration.

As I packed up my bags from the United States and left the TV industry to come and live in Melbourne, there’s one thing I kept close to heart – my love for stylish events and cosmopolitan flare.

Sophisticated high-end weddings and events are Evenio’s speciality, so let’s get you in a state of being calm, collected and assured that we can design that beautiful day you’re dreaming about!

Your fellow wedding dreamer and doer,

Sonya x


Want to know a bit more about me?
Let's start with these 10 fun facts!


I’m an introvert/extrovert. Love socialising, but truly appreciate time on my own as well.


I love my sleep and don’t function well with less than 8 hours.


Music is where I find my happy place. Meditation soothes me, relaxes me, and gets me focused.


I don’t like chocolate! I know, weird, right?! Don’t hold it against me, I swear I have plenty of other guilty pleasures – hello carbs!!! And though I have a pretty balanced diet, I should definitely exercise more!


I’m a Nichiren Buddhist and believer in the power of self-enlightenment (a state of inner peace and wisdom). In Henry Ford’s words “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, either way you are right”.


I’m type A and borderline OCD when it comes to order, discipline and details.


Blue (can you tell?) and green are my favourite colours.


I was born in the Dominican Republic, grew up in the US, traveled the world following adventure and my dreams, and have now settled in Australia with my husband and two kids.


I speak three languages and can defend myself with a fourth.


I’m media trained and have a background in television production, fashion and event planning.

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