Mastering Wedding Lingo: 21 Terms Wedding Couples Should Know

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when you encounter a plethora of industry-specific terms. At Evenio Weddings and Events, we’re here to demystify the wedding lingo and help you navigate your special day with ease. Understanding these 21 wedding industry terms will not only make you feel more confident about your choices but also ensure your wedding planning process goes smoothly.

1. Wedding lingo explained: Bump In & Bump Out

These terms are in the “most used” wedding lingo list and refer to the setup and teardown of your wedding. “Bump In” is when vendors arrive to set up, while “Bump Out” is when they dismantle everything post-celebration.

2. Stationery

Wedding Lingo Expained

  • OTD (On The Day): This wedding lingo includes items like Welcome Signs, Seating Charts, menus, place cards, Guest Book and Wishing Well Signs.
  • Invitation Suite: The full set of wedding stationery, including save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards, and more. The invitation suite is often used in the flatlay, another common wedding term which refers to the birds-eye-view of your personal and wedding day details such as rings, perfume bottles, accessories, etc. 
  • Printing Techniques:

– Letterpress: An elegant, tactile printing method where the text is pressed into the paper.

– Embossed: Raised print for a textured feel.

– Digital: Modern and cost-effective, using digital printers.

– 3D: Adds depth and dimension to the design.

– Engraving: Classic, raised printing with ink filled grooves.

– Laser: Precision cutting for intricate designs.

3. Bonbonniere

Wedding Lingo

These are small gifts given to guests as a thank you, often known as wedding favors.

4. Wedding Dresses

  • Applique: Decorative fabric pieces sewn onto the dress.
  • Wrist Loop: A loop for your wrist to hold the dress train.
  • Bustle: A way to pin up the train of your dress for easier movement.

5. Boutonniere

Wedding Lingo - Boutonniere

A floral decoration worn by the groom and groomsmen on their lapels.

6. Wedding lingo explained: First Look

A private moment where the couple sees each other before the wedding ceremony, often captured by photographers. Having one allows you to extend the amount of time you spend with each other on your wedding day. It could also help ease the nerves before walking down the aisle. 

7. Tablescape

The artistic arrangement of the table setting, including centerpieces, place settings, and table linens.

8. Candles

Wedding Lingo - Candles

Types: Votives, tapered, dinner, fluted, pillar, tea lights, floating, LEDs, sand.

Each type adds a different ambiance to your wedding décor.

9. Chargers (Plates)

Decorative plates used under dinner plates for an added touch of elegance.

10. Cakes

Wedding Lingo - Cakes

  • Fondant: A smooth icing that can be molded into intricate designs.
  • Buttercream: A rich, creamy frosting.
  • Ganache: A luxurious chocolate coating.

11. Lighting

Wedding Lingo - Lighting

  • String Lights: Includes festoons, fairy lights, and icicles.
  • Pendants: Hanging lights.
  • Gobo: Projected patterns or images.
  • Color Wash: Lights that add a wash of color to walls or floors.
  • Up Lights: Floor lights that cast light upward.
  • Spot Lights: Focused beams of light for highlighting specific areas.

12. Golden Hour

Wedding Lingo - Golden Hour

The period shortly after sunrise or before sunset, ideal for those picture-perfect wedding shots.

13. Wedding lingo explained: Bridal Party

The group of close friends and family members who support the couple, including bridesmaids and groomsmen.

14. Floorplan

  • Head Table or Bridal Table: Can refer to the table during the reception where the bride and groom, along with their bridal party, sit during the celebration.
  • Sweetheart Table: A table for just the newlyweds.

15. Installations (Installs)

Wedding Lingo - Installations

Large-scale decorative elements such as floral arches, hanging greenery, or chandeliers.

16. Moodboard, Lookbook, Style Guide

Visual tools used to convey the wedding’s theme, colors, and overall style.

17. Ceremony Procession & Recession, Processional

The order in which the bridal party (commonly referring to Bridesmaids & Groomsmen) walks down the aisle (procession) and exits (recession).

18. Acronyms

Wedding Lingo - Bridal Party

  • MOH: Maid of Honor
  • BM: Best Man
  • MOB: Mother of the Bride
  • FOB: Father of the Bride
  • MOG: Mother of the Groom
  • FOG: Father of the Groom

19. Trial

A practice run for hair, makeup, or any other element to ensure it’s perfect for the big day.

20. Walk Through

A final meeting with your coordinator at the venue to confirm details and logistics.

21. Activations

Wedding Activations

Activations are what make your wedding day truly memorable. These are interactive and engaging experiences or elements introduced during a wedding event to enhance the guest experience. As your wedding planner, it is our duty to create memorable moments, encourage guest participation and think of unique ways to highlight the celebration. Therefore, we love wedding activations! Examples of these can include photo booths, live entertainment, interactive food, drink and keepsake stations.  


Now that you understand the wedding lingo, your wedding planning journey will be less confusing and much more enjoyable. At Evenio Weddings and Events, we’re here to help you every step of the way and make sure to alleviate any stress or overwhelm. It is our absolute joy to give our couples clarity and give them a memorable wedding planning process. 

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