Simple & Stylish Ways to Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

Think a sustainable, eco-wedding means you need to compromise on creativity or your vision for your big day? We’re here to tell you – eco doesn’t mean homey, budget or basic anymore! 

There is something so beautiful about a wedding and all of the fine details that go into making it unique. And at Evenio we’re all about helping you to create a day that is personalised with those little touches that will make it memorable for you and your guests. But we, and so many of the couples we work with, are increasingly becoming more mindful about the ways we do this. Because it has to be said, weddings can also be incredibly wasteful.

The Green Bride Guide found that the average wedding in the United States produces anywhere from 200 to 300 kilograms of rubbish and 63 tons of CO2 in one day!

But fortunately, as we all become more aware of how our actions impact the planet in our daily lives, creatives like us and the other wedding vendors we work with are considering the ways in which we can make weddings more sustainable, without losing any of the style or sophistication you’re looking for.

And with that in mind…

Here’s five creative ways to make your wedding more sustainable


Before we get started, keep in mind that these ideas may or may not be right for you. But what we hope to do with this post is inspire you to consider what simple changes you could make to your wedding to make it more sustainable and less wasteful. 

Choose a sustainable wedding venue

A sustainable wedding venue is one that is mindful about its impact on the environment. It will have adopted practices aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, recycling wherever possible, and incorporating renewable energy sources. Venues that are taking sustainability seriously will promote this on their website, but don’t be afraid to ask any venue you’re considering what steps they’re taking to be sustainable. Choosing a sustainable venue alone could significantly reduce the impact your wedding will have on the environment.

Another option is to get married outdoors. Outdoor venues like gardens or vineyards add scenic backdrops and/or lush greenery that minimise the need for large floral installations. If you need help finding a venue that takes sustainability seriously, we’re here to help.

Opt for recycled or virtual invitations

This could be one of the simplest actions you take to make your wedding more sustainable, simply because there are so many eco-friendly options out there. From invitations made from recycled paper, to paperless invitations and working with companies that give back to the environment in some way with every purchase – there really is an option to suit every wedding and every couple’s style when it comes to eco-friendly invites.

Think eco & ethical when choosing wedding day attire

Whether you elect to hire your wedding day attire, work with an eco-friendly and ethical designer, buy a second hand dress or suit, or borrow an outfit from someone else, you’ll be making an eco-friendly and ethical choice your planet will thank you for. 

There’s a lot of ‘fast fashion’ options out there when it comes to fabrics, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and suiting. But there is also a growing segment of the market dedicated to giving couples sustainable wedding day attire options. Take your time to research your options, and talk to suppliers and designers so you can make an informed decision that’s sustainable.

Reuse flowers or opt for dried flowers/potted plants

Florals can transform a venue and there is no doubt that this is one of the primary ways we like to create the wow factor at weddings. Which is why we’re always looking for creative ways to sustainably include flowers in weddings.

First on the list is sourcing a supplier with eco-friendly and sustainable practices. As with any of your wedding suppliers, a simple conversation with a supplier will help you to understand if they take sustainability as seriously as you do.

We also recommend thinking outside the flower-box and considering more environmentally friendly alternatives such as potted flowers and succulents. These can be equally as impactful on tables and can be gifted to guests, or taken home and used in your own garden after your wedding, creating zero waste.

Dried flowers have come a very long way and are definitely trending for 2023 weddings. Dried flower arrangements can either be purchased and on-sold, or hired from a supplier for your wedding day which minimises waste.

And then there is one of our favourite ways to minimise floral wastage – repurposing arrangements:

  • a ceremony backdrop becomes a bridal table or photobooth backdrop
  • the welcome sign floral arrangement is reused for the seating chart
  • bridal party bouquets find a home on the cake or gift table, bar or in the bathrooms
  • flowers are wrapped and gifted to guests at the end of the night in the place of bonbonniere

Choose caterers that source locally & consider a plant-based menu

Locally grown food creates important local economic opportunities and helps to reduce environmental impact due to reduced transport emissions. And most plant-based foods have a much lower carbon footprint than animal-based products including meat, dairy, and eggs. 

Fortunately championing local, seasonal and plant-based produce is something that many wedding venues and caterers embrace. Which is exciting as it means you can collaborate with your caterer to create both a delicious and sustainable menu that is seasonal and also champions local, plant-based ingredients and suppliers. Now that’s memorable!

We hope that we’ve inspired you to think about the small, but significant changes you can make to plan a sustainable wedding that minimises waste whilst ticking all of your boxes in terms of style and vibe. 

And if you’re feeling stuck you can always reach out to us at Evenio – we’d love to collaborate with you on your eco-friendly wedding.

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