Trends We’re Loving for 2023 & 2024 Weddings

With 2023’s weddings well underway and planning beginning for weddings in 2024/25, it’s time to consider emerging trends. In this blog post, I’ll share some of my favourite 2024 wedding trends to inspire your wedding planning and design choices over the coming year.

Individuality and originality

I’m excited to predict that individuality and originality remain popular. What do I mean by individuality and originality? Simply put, it’s a wedding that reflects your individual tastes and personalities. To embrace this wedding trend, instead of choosing what is popular, you’ll make choices based on what rocks your world and highlights your ‘couple superpower’. This trend encourages you to toss traditional wedding norms, choose attire that reflects your style, hire creative vendors and venues, and opt for a smaller guest list to add luxurious personal touches. In other words, it’s about making your wedding day an entirely unique experience that reflects you as a couple. 

Anything goes for 2024 wedding trends?

Put another way – anything goes right now – as long as it’s what you want. Which is exciting but perhaps a little intimidating too. It’s not always easy to hone in on precisely what you want and even more challenging to turn an ‘anything goes’ approach into a cohesive wedding that reflects you beautifully. I’m about to share with you some less traditional wedding ideas that are trending right now – ones that could be the right way for you to stand out. Or, of course, you can skip to the part where we get your ideas out on the table together by booking a free consultation with me

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Quality over quantity

To embrace this wedding trend, go small to go big. An example is a smaller guest list that allows you to invest more dollars in statement details that take your wedding experience to another level. A more intimate wedding is also a beautiful way to include more personalised and individual elements such as a mini, beautifully made and decorated wedding cake for each guest. Or an extravagant chandelier hung over the table, luxuriously styled and set for a guest list of just 10 to 20 people. 

Wedding stationery trends Photography by Ali Bailey

The quality over quantity trend will extend to wedding menus too. An example is the grazing table which peaked in popularity just before Covid hit. These tables were often overly styled and groaning with meats and cheeses that would eventually find their way to the bin. A desire for less waste regarding weddings also fuels this trend. Over the next year, we expect couples to move towards more straightforward yet creative menus made with locally-sourced and high-quality ingredients. 

Destination wedding comeback

Travel is back on the agenda for most of the world and in 2024, destination weddings will be in full swing. Couples who dream of a destination wedding have unlimited options – Istanbul, the Amalfi Coast, London, New York, or the Whitsundays. The possibilities are endless! From exotic islands to the rugged beauty of the countryside, unique locations for a wedding make for an unforgettable experience. Look for more intimate getaways where your friends can join the celebration, making it a memorable weekend for everyone involved!

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Creative venue and vendor choices

Wedding trends in 2024 are going to cause a dramatic shift in the way couples plan their special day. Instead of holding their wedding at an event venue, couples will choose more non-traditional locations for their celebration, such as a favourite restaurant or outdoor space. Non-traditional vendors will also become increasingly popular for weddings, with live entertainment and interactive experiences taking the spotlight for guest entertainment. 

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I’ve shared a few examples of how other couples are embracing the ‘rock my world’ 2024 wedding trends. But the key to getting this ‘look’ right is personalisation, individuality and originality. Working with a wedding designer like myself is an excellent first step to getting those ideas out of your head so they can be brought together in a memorable and meaningful wedding that just happens to be trending too.

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